Your Home in Quality Education

Western Colleges, Inc. has two (2) campuses in Naic, Cavite. The main campus is located at 33 Capt. C. Nazareno St., Naic, Cavite where the undergraduate programs are held. It has air-conditioned facilities like classrooms, laboratories, audio-visual room, and library. The school is also a fully wifi zone. All the classrooms have glass boards and television set for a more effective and enjoyable teaching and learning experiences.

The annex campus is located at Brgy. Latoria, Naic, Cavite. In this campus, the junior and senior high school department and graduate school programs are housed. The alumni building also stands in the same place. The campus also has a wide ground for a bigger activity and school event. Next school year, all courses from elementary to graduate school will be transferred here. There is an on-going construction of building on this site.



 We envision Western Colleges asA dynamic and principled educational institution where education is a life-long commitment.”


 Western Colleges is committed to provide a learning environment which develops the student’s knowledge, skills and positive values necessary for the e-world to be globally competitive.



 Western Colleges believes in the philosophy that education is life itself, which means that stakeholders will be developed a new-rounded personality to cope with the demands of the fast changing-world.


  1. To promote a learning environment which nourishes the love for knowledge and wisdom, upholds respect for life and dignity of the human person and above all the love for God, man and country;
  2. To develop student’s inner tendencies to cope with the challenges of life.
  3. To develop a self-directed person who is proud of his national identity;
  4. To strengthen the leadership skills of students through active participation at home, school and community;
  5. To develop within the students their well-being through religion/value activities in course offering.

Graduate School Program

Master of Arts in Education major in

  • Administration and Supervision
  • Filipino
  • English
  • Social Science
  • General Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Values Education
  • Religious Education
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Physical Education
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics

Programs with Educational Partnership

  • Doctor in Educational Management
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master in Public Administration
  • Master of Arts in Nursing

Admission/Enrollment requirements:

  • Certificate of Transfer Credential
  • Photo copy of Transcript of Records
  • Photo copy of NSO birth certificate
  • Photo copy of marriage contract ( for male only)
  • 2 pieces 2×2 pictures
  • Study Permit ( for doctoral students only)


  1. Present the required documents to the Registrar
  2. Secure registration form and fill it out
  3. Proceed to the accounting department for assessment
  4. Present to the Registrar the assessed registration form  and wait for classcard
  5. Secure Identification Card from the appropriate office

Baccalaureate Degree Program

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:

  • Filipino
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Science

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in:

  • Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Economics
  • Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Bachelor in Public Administration

Admission Requirements:

For Freshmen:

Form 138 ( original HS/Grade 12 Card)
Certificate of Good Moral Character
Photo copy of NSO birth certificate
2 pieces latest 2×2 photo

For Transferees:

  • Certificate of Transfer Credential
  • Photo copy of Transcript of Records or Certificate of Grades
  • Photo copy of PSA birth certificate and marriage contract for female enrollees, (males don’t need marriage contract)
  • 2 pieces 2×2 photos

For Cross-Enrollees:

  • Study Permit from Home School
  • 2 pieces 2×2 photos

For old Returning:

  • Clearance completely signed by proper authorities
  • Checklist ( re-evaluated)


  1. Present to the admission office the required documents .If found complete,
  2. Ask for registration form and fill it out
  3. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office for evaluation/verification / approval of subjects enrolled
  4. Then, proceed to the assessment section for the computation of fees
    Pay fees to the cashier
  5. Next, proceed to the admission office , present the registration form properly and accurately assessed , then wait for the release of class cards
  6. Secure Identification Card from the appropriate office