Graduate Studies

  • Graduate Studies:Master of Arts in Education major in
    1. Administration and Supervision
    2. Filipino
    3. English
    4. Social Science
    5. General Science
    6. Biology
    7. Chemistry
    8. Physics
    9. Values Education
    10. Religious Education
    11. Special Education
    12. Early Childhood Education
    13. Guidance and Counseling
    14. Physical Education
    15. Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics

Programs with Educational Partnership

    1. Doctor in Educational Management
    2. Master in Business Administration
    3. Master in Public Administration
    4. Master of Arts in Nursing


WCI provides quality education that will help grow and develop people into becoming well-rounded, skilled and intellectually competent, honest,        morally and ethically sensitive: creatively aware and responsible to the needs     and aspirations of just, compassionate, free and responsible society and        dedicated for the service of God and fellowmen.


WCI, shall serve quality education for all. It shall exercise dynamic and                   innovative leadership, and shall continuously provide quality education to all        students, to develop their maximum potential, to be morally upright, civic-      spirited, globally competitive and responsive to the demands of an information           technologically- advancing society.

Admission/Enrollment requirements:

  1. Certificate of Transfer Credential
  2. Photo copy of Transcript of Records
  3. Photo copy of NSO birth certificate
  4. Photo copy of marriage contract ( for male only)
  5. 2 pieces 2×2 pictures
  6. Study Permit ( for doctoral students only)


  1. Present the required documents to the Registrar
  2. Secure registration form and fill it out
  3. Proceed to the accounting department for assessment
  4. Present to the Registrar the assessed registration form  and wait for classcard
  5. Secure Identification Card from the appropriate office