We envision Western Colleges asA dynamic and principled educational institution where education is a life-long commitment.”


 Western Colleges is committed to provide a learning environment which develops the student’s knowledge, skills and positive values necessary for the e-world to be globally competitive.



 Western Colleges believes in the philosophy that education is life itself, which means that stakeholders will be developed a new-rounded personality to cope with the demands of the fast changing-world.



  1. Promote a learning environment which nourishes the love for knowledge and wisdom, upholds respect for life and dignity of the human person and above all the love for God, man and country;
  2. Develop student’s inner tendencies to cope with the challenges of life;
  3. Develop a self-directed person who is proud of his national identity;
  4. Strengthen the leadership skills of students through active participation at home, school and community;
  5. Develop within the students their well-being through religion/value activities in course offering.